vigils grinning video
[Photo via YouTube]

French-American hardcore band Vigils created a creepy music video for their song “Grinning.” The video is an unsettling narrative on the effects of media in our society, and is being premiered exclusively with AP.

Guitarist Enzo Aldasoro explains that the song is about realizing something isn’t worth the energy you put into it.

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“It’s about realizing that [the] person you were so broken over wasn’t worth the energy you put in or the pain you were feeling.” Aldasoro says.

“The rose-colored glasses come off, and you can finally see the person for who they really were,” he continues, “Oftentimes, what you see is nothing good.”

The music video isn’t a direct illustration of the lyrics. Instead, it follows a person as he struggles with his day-to-day life. Following him around is a demonic figure slowly tormenting him and a recurring ad for a miracle drug.

The band use the clip to convey a different message about media in society as well as addiction.

“Through this music video, we wanted to talk about the influence of the media on our lifestyle, our way of consuming and some problems of addiction,” Aldasoro says. “The music video clearly shows a person in distress who falls under the influence of the media, and his life becomes only worse.”

The music video is well designed with a surprising twist and a unique take on relevant issues. Vigils didn’t want to get too in-depth, but felt it was important that these issues were at least touched on.

“We do not want to have a hard-hitting speech,” Aldasoro says. “But the kinds of issues that face millions of people around the world today affect us, and we have represented it in our own way.”

“Grinning” is off Vigil’s debut Spinning EP, out Nov. 16.