Warped fans know that the Tour has a long, fond history with rappers, not the least of which include Eminem and Riff Raff. 

This year, up and coming rapper B. LaY is hitting the road for the first nine dates of Warped with Beebs.

B. is exclusively premiering his brand new track, “Ride With Me,” with AltPress!

“'Ride With Me'” introduces the world to the new wave of music I have been creating with Anonymass (Caskey, Birdman, Cash Money Records) After Warped I plan on finishing the last two songs off my EP as well as releasing more songs with Anonymass, including dope videos,” he told us. 

Check out the song below, and make sure to check out B. LaY on Warped until July 4. Like what you hear? Buy the single now on blaymusic.com!