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As another Warped Tour comes to a close, those of you who’ve been lucky enough to head out to one of the many dates have your stories to tell: meeting bands, your favorite sets, even just traveling to whichever date you attended. But what about those behind-the-scenes moments that only social media can give us? Well, you’re in luck.

We’ve collected 10 posts that give you a glimpse into life on Warped Tour. From Silent Planet’s birthday arrest to Creeper’s well-documented run-in with the pesky ole Westboro Baptist Church, Warped Tour 2017 had a lot of special moments that happened offstage, as well as onstage.

Movements’ day on the river with Boston Manor, Microwave and Knocked Loose

We love it when our favorite bands are friends, and what better bonding experience than sailing in rubber dinghies down a river?

The Gospel Youth having their first-ever Chipotle experience — and losing it

There are 13 (!!) tweets depicting this momentous occasion, but let’s start from the beginning just to show how excited they actually were.

Bonus: They also learned the art of photo editing.

Boston Manor asking for supplies in exchange for guest list spots

I mean, we all forget things when we go on vacation, right? Though, we can’t remember the last time we forgot Skyrim…

Westboro Baptist Church showing up to picket Warped Tour and Creeper coming out strong


Fuck the Westboro Baptist Church �� �� – @wheresbryce #fuckthewestborobaptistchurch @blackcraftcult

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Not only did the band go face-to-face and laugh at the WBC protesters, but they even designed some limited merch inspired by the encounter (if anyone has a hook-up, hit us up!).

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Microwave giving us some important reporting from the frontline

Bonus points for whoever ran the farthest away.