Ahead of their summer-long stint on Warped Tour, Doll Skin are premiering their new track, “Shut Up (You Miss Me),” with Alternative Press.

“Shut Up (You Miss Me)” is culled from Doll Skin's new album, Manic Pixie Dream Girl, which releases June 16. You can preorder it here now.

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“This song shows one of the many new directions we've taken with this upcoming album,” says bassist Nicole Rich. “'Shut Up' has a fun, new energy we're excited to incorporate into our live show.”

Doll Skin formed back in 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona. All under the age of 21, Sydney Dolezal is the lead vocalist, Alex Snowden is the guitarist, Rich is the bassist and Meghan Herring is the drummer.

“We are so crazy excited for this new record to be released,” Herring says. “Writing this second album put a lot of pressure on us. We had to trash so many songs, it was quite the process. But once we got angry and channeled our emotions and album concept, it was smooth sailing.”

Listen to “Shut Up (You Miss Me)”: