You’ve always been known for your fashion sense and how you present yourself onstage. So preparing for the shows on this upcoming tour that are in venues named by banks and cellphone companies—that’s how big we’re talking—are you thinking of it as a musical theater thing? Do you have to project yourself to the cheap seats, in terms of the makeup and the clothes you’re wearing? Is there going to be a video element to your production that’s going to do some of the heavy lifting for that?
Siouxsie SiouxI think there will be video elements, so I guess part of that’s taken care of. I found myself, over the last year-and-a-half, in my super-Siouxsie And The Banshees moment—that’s all I was listening to. Then we were playing with the Cure so I thought, “What better time to put on Siouxsie makeup?” I did it, and that was one of the first times that I wore latex pants and did my makeup crazy. I had such a blast doing that—and this is coming from a person who, until 19 or 20, would only, only wear jeans and a T-shirt onstage. Every night’s different: If I don’t feel like looking insane, wearing the wildest makeup or fixing my hair, wearing latex or some crap that’s gonna show up in the back of the room, then I don’t. It’s the same way every morning when I’m home: I get up and I wear what I feel like.

There’s a certain responsibility to it, and I know that. With all of these people paying money to see the show, I always wanna look and sound like we’re putting on a good show. The other side to it is that I don’t think the people who have been coming to our shows for quite some time now are expecting me to be Lady Gaga. They know Paramore, they know me, and that’s what they’re gonna get. They’re gonna get a Paramore show. I will probably do some crazy stuff with my eyes or my makeup, and I’ll probably pull out latex pants again, you know, I’m gonna have fun with it. This is a once in a lifetime tour, and I’m gonna make sure that we put on the best, craziest show we can. Hopefully, that doesn’t all hinge on my wardrobe.

All of the information coming out about the Self-Titled Tour has ended with “more dates to come”—which is always very exciting for those of us who live in cities that aren’t on the current routing. Will there be another North American leg announced in the near future?
We’ve literally worked with the same booking agent since we were kids, and we’re so close with him. And at this point, I call him at, like, two in the morning, and I’m like, “Okay! What do we do about this?” Like, we have a Salt Lake City show that we still have to make up because I was puking my brains out when we were supposed to play there last spring. [Our booking agency is] literally amazing; they always put together our schedule really, really well. And this is the first time ever that we’ve had a record cycle where we haven’t had a year-and-a-half of dates booked in advance. Pretty much everything that we know is concrete and in stone is happening up until the Parahoy! cruise. We obviously don’t wanna break ourselves to the point that we don’t have anytime to sit with our families at home. I think the most we’ve been home this year is, like, two weeks at a time, and that’s been with other stuff like Teen Choice [Awards] and rehearsals. But there are a lot of places we need to get to—even outside of the States—that we’ve never been or we just haven’t been in a long time. To fans that we haven’t made it to yet, I would say that for this album cycle, there’s no end in sight, so we’re gonna be touring until there is an end, and we don’t see that happening for quite some time. We’re gonna be on tour a lot.

Parahoy! has a great lineup, by the way, It looks amazing and I would kill to go on it. I think you did an excellent job assembling talent for that.
Thank you! Yeah, I feel really good about it. I’m really excited about Bad Rabbits. There are so many bands on it; I can’t believe it. I wish that we could have it as a real tour, going across the world. If we could have Tegan And Sara and New Found Glory on every tour that we do, for the rest of our lives, I’m fine with that. ALT