As far as the new record itself, what can you tell us about the sound you are developing?
We tend to be very self-serving, in the sense that we want to enjoy the material first before anyone else does. I will always be my hardest critic. This material is probably some the heaviest, most intense stuff we’ve put out in awhile. I think it’s really going to blow the doors on the expectations that people have of us. In heavy music, my experience growing up is that a lot of bands softened their sound as they got older. It gets a little watered down. I think that we’re mastering consistency. We are able to get together and write songs that are really heavy and really pissed off and fun. We enjoy listening to it, and we’re our hardest critics. As far as comparing old to new material, it’s hard to say because we are evolving our sound from whatever it appears to be. I think it’s going to break down the walls on whatever people were expecting from us.

Are you guys planning on playing any new songs on the European or U.S. tours?
We have really mixed feelings about playing material that is incomplete. I think in order for fans to have a chance to understand the full spectrum of what we are doing musically, the album needs to be out first. Then people can take it home, digest it, and then regurgitate it back at us in a live setting. I can’t promise we will be playing anything new just yet.

Personally, I find it hard to get really into a song if I don’t know it beforehand, even if it is a great song.
Yeah, that’s our outlook on it, too. We never want anyone to feel isolated or left out, especially when you come and spend your hard-earned money to see a band play.

You just started a new web series called “Let’s Be Frank” with the Daily Disruption. Drunk bowling with Born Of Osiris was really great. You’re leaving for tour soon, but is the series something that you want to keep doing?
I don’t really know where it’s going to go. If they want to do more, we will. I enjoy interacting with people on camera; it’s fun for me. It’s not like I’m getting paid or anything. It was cool to do. If there’s a demand for it, it’d be great to do more. I’m not seeking it out. If it happens, it happens. ALT