5. Hawthorne Heights — “Ohio Is For Lovers”

“You know you do, you kill me well/You like it too, and I can tell/You'll never stop until my final breath is gone”

Everyone knows this song for the “so cut my wrists and black my eyes” lyric, but this one’s a bit more poetic. On Genius, Esa0705 says, “She’s playing hard to get or toying with his emotions. She doesn’t stop, either, sadistically revelling in the pain she causes him, stopping only until his heart’s broken.”

4. Dashboard Confessional — “Hands Down”

“My hopes are so high/That your kiss might kill me/So won't you kill me/So I die happy.”

Hands down, this is one of the most iconic lyrics (and songs) to come out of the genre. A Genius user Wild Rose Chance: “The sheer emotion of the situation, mostly the anticipation, is too much to bear, but in a weird way: It’s all that’s holding him together. The wordplay on ‘kiss’ and ‘kill’ is pretty cool: Chris sets it up by saying her kiss might kill him, and then asks her to kill him: in other words, to kiss him.”

3. My Chemical Romance — “Helena”

“Can you hear me?/Are you near me?/Can we pretend to leave and then/We’ll meet again/When both our cars collide”

This heart-wrenching song about the death of a loved one is one of the band’s most popular for a reason. “These lyrics reflect Way’s feelings for his late grandmother, Elena Lee Rush,” says Genius user Obscured. “He wonders about the afterlife and the possible nature of an astral plane. How close are the souls of the living to those of the dead?”

2. Brand New — “Seventy Times 7”

“Have another drink and drive yourself home/I hope there's ice on all the roads/And you can think of me when you forget your seatbelt/And again when your head goes through the windshield”

This song is the famous emo diss track targeting Taking Back Sunday’s John Nolan. Jesse Lacey lists off insults, including that he’s “seen more spine in jellyfish,” and clearly, he’s got a death wish for Nolan. The lyric is pretty straightforward, as Genius user ClutchCityCowboy explains, “He wants to be the last thing on your mind before you die.”

1. Taking Back Sunday — “You’re So Last Summer”

“The truth is you could slit my throat/And with my one last gasping breath/I'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt”

This overly dramatic lyric is so characteristic of the genre and why we love it so much. Genius user ActionBronsonStan states, “He’s very unselfish and this line proves it. She could kill him and he would still worry about her (shirt) more than himself.” Attend any Taking Back Sunday concert and you’ll be blown away by the way the crowd screams this line.

Which lyrics would you want added to the list?