[Photo by: Grizzlee Martin]

Emo Nite presented Emo Night Day on Sunday, Dec. 3. The all-day event was a celebration of the party's three-year anniversary and had three stages with an amazing lineup that included performances and DJ sets from everyone from the Used to Machine Gun Kelly, as well as a surprise appearance by Demi Lovato and a song debut by From First To Last. YES.

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Here are some of the best moments, as told on Twitter:

The Used, MGK, Demi Lovato, the Chainsmokers and Frank Zummo were in the same place

So much love

And here's a video!

Brianna Collins, from Tigers Jaw, was all of us wanting to share special moments with our friends

Craig Owens performed with a string quartet 

Doll Skin performed a cover of My Chemical Romance's “Helena”

The Chainsmokers and Demi Lovato made an appearance

From First To Last debuted a new song, “Surrender” 

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I Don't Know How But They Found Me had a great time

As did everyone watching them

In short, it was FUN

So fun there were even bootleg T-shirts

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