This past week, Bayside posted several mysterious black and gray photos on their social media accounts, thoroughly confusing fans (new record? Best of Bayside boxset?). We anticipate an announcement (probably of a new album) from the band to answer the vagueness of each post, especially after the band signed to Hopeless Records in August of this year.

But what if it’s not just an album? What if there is more to the puzzle?

As a slightly obsessive Bayside aficionado, I will try to debrief the photographs. Note: These are solely theories and speculations.

A plus sign in a circle. This could be referencing the antichrist’s red cross logo. Even hell needs saved.
My prediction: The band are moving to Switzerland to sell Swiss Army knives, Swatches and Swiss cheese.

S/T. This must be an acronym. Short ton? Standard Time?
My prediction: Bayside are starring in a Super Troopers sequel. Their manager verified that the snozberries do taste like snozberries.

A wavy flag. Flags symbolize patriotism, pride and unity in the CULT.
My prediction: Anthony Raneri for President. As confirmed by a Secret Service agent, the odds are ever in his favor.

A map? A puzzle? Let’s piece this one together. This looks a lot like their fourth album, Shudder.
My prediction: The band wants to relive their punk roots and recreate their Shudder sound and sentiment. Or, yunno, they’re just displaying their love for puzzles…or camouflage.

Astronaut helmet. This looks like a nod to the cover of Killing Time, their latest full-length.
My prediction: I just got a call from Lady Gaga’s tour manager. Bayside are opening for Mother Monster in space in 2014. I’ll be watching from Mars.

A six-sided star with the Bayside bird in the center, every triangle showing another mysterious image. The band member’s initials are in each of the four corners.
My prediction: Either Bayside started a new religion in the name of the CULT or they have a new album coming soon.