The Summary

On Feb. 8, 2018, Sarka Stankova, a 29-year-old woman from the Czech Republic reported that “William Francis raped her, beat her and committed other offenses against her” multiple times between 2015 and 2017.

According to a summary of the report, around the same time another woman, who lives in England, reported that she and Francis had a BDSM relationship where she sent sexually explicit photos of herself to the singer and had sex with him on a number of occasions when she was a minor. The sex occurred about five to six years ago outside of the U.S. and when the woman was 16 years old, the report states.  

Because the woman was a minor at the time of the incidents, her name has been removed from the report. Her case was declined “because it cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt and the statute of limitations has expired on the incidents.”

The prosecution also declined to take Stankova’s case to court citing the following:

“The incidents with Sarka cannot be proven. Sarka’s delay in reporting until after the relationship ended and she reports getting an STD from Francis will cause her motives to be suspect to a jury. Sarka’s relationship with Francis was, by her admission, a consensual BDSM relationship that she claims contained these incidents of rape occurred within. Despite repeated beatings and rapes Sarka continued to voluntarily see Francis and travel to the US from Europe to see him. A jury would have considerable difficulty believing that Sarka would voluntarily make such repeated trips after being victimized. Francis can claim that the two had a consensual BDSM relationship and that claim cannot be disproven beyond a reasonable doubt as required.”

The report, however, details that while Stankova entered in a consensual BDSM relationship with Francis, she claims that he psychologically abused her and ignored her requests for him to stop hurting her during their encounters. Stankova says there were no limitations set and no safe word assigned before their sessions.

“I had to hire a lawyer,” Francis told Alternative Press on June 7. “I went into the police department for an interview. [The interviewing officer] said, ‘This is what this woman is saying.’ And I said, ‘This is the reality.’ The last time I saw her was in January of 2017, and she made the claim in January 2018. So she’s saying I raped her in this hotel room. She showed them a 14-second clip of a video I had sent her of me slapping the shit out of her and her crying—which was a normal part of our relationship. And that’s the evidence she presented to the detectives saying, ‘Look, he raped me in this hotel room against my will.’

“I have the full video of her that shows her at the beginning on her knees performing fellatio, and it shows the end where she’s on top of me saying, ‘Thank you, Daddy, thank you, Daddy.’ I showed [the detective] the text message she sent to me right after she left the hotel saying, ‘I’m going to miss you so much, I can’t wait to see you again.’ No mention of ‘Hey, you raped me. I can’t believe this.’

“I showed him messages from six months later in June where she’s like, ‘I can’t wait to see you again, I can’t wait for you to rape me and torture me’… This is fucking dirty talk that we had. What kind of woman gets raped in a hotel room against her will, and is continuing a relationship with a man and sending messages like that six months after the incident?”

The fabricated messages

The report also includes an interview with Francis and his lawyer at the time, Eric Hultman, about the accusations. During the interview, Francis’ lawyer presents a text message on WhatsApp that he claimed was from Stankova stating that if Francis ended their relationship she would go to the police and “fuck your life in every way.”

Fabricated text messages Francis claimed Stankova sent to him.
Fabricated text messages Francis claimed Stankova sent to him.

Francis also provided an image of this conversation to Alternative Press. This was shown to police in the form of a paper printout, and the lawyer stated that the detective could not keep it. The detective requested Francis provide the phone so this could be used as evidence. In the meantime, the detective reached out to Stankova who denied ever sending these messages and agreed to ship her own phone to the United States as evidence.

Before Stankova’s phone arrived, the detective reached out to Francis’ new lawyer, Bob Goldsmith, with another request for the phone to be provided as evidence and was told that the messages had been fabricated.

Det. Richard Adams relayed the following in the report:

“[The lawyer] informed me that he was informed by William that the aforementioned messages were not actually on William’s phone and that they never existed. He claimed that it was William’s old lawyer who made a mistake and sent these forged messages in an attempt to help. He did not specifically say whether it was William or his former lawyer who forged the text messages about Sarka ruining William’s life and going to the police. Still, Bob Goldsmith maintained that the other messages that he sent were genuine and that there were several other similar messages that showed that Sarka and William were in a BDSM relationship and that the things they did together were consensual.”