As more stories became widely circulated on the internet via social media, Francis was feeling the blowback—not from law enforcement, but from his fans. Francis told AP on June 7, “The cops decided that they can’t press charges, so instead of dropping it, Vitoria Chan decided to take her story and those messages and those videos, post them online and try me in the court of public opinion. Which I’m getting crucified because people are only seeing one side of the story. They want to ruin me publicly because they couldn’t do it with cops. Longtime fans of mine, longtime customers are like, ‘I can’t support this guy.’ How am I supposed to defend myself?

“If she can come up with some evidence of me having a sex ring, I’m all for it,” he continues. “I spend every day working in a recording studio and printing merch, and then raising my kid at night. Who has time for a fucking sex cult? And that I brand women? I’ve never even held a tattoo gun. You can’t just bring someone to a tattoo artist and say, ‘Put this on someone.’ Sorry, that’s not a reality. No tattoo artist would ever do that.”

On June 8, Francis announced via Facebook that he was closing down Control Recordings and all of his artists—Black Blinds, Lay Your Ghost, Lexxe, LVCI, the Neuromantic Boys and the Secret Post—would be free from contractual obligation to Francis and allowed to pursue new label deals.

“I’ve decided that in order to move forward with my life, I am shutting everything down completely. I don’t want the artists on the label to be affected by my own personal shit. I’m sorry to everyone but it’s best that I focus on my family and not have any more communication with the outside world.”

The following day, Axel Otero, the electronic artist who records under the name Lay Your Ghost, confirmed his free-agent status on Instagram. AP reached out to Francis’ longtime friend/bandmate/Neuromantic Boys leader Kenneth Fletcher to comment for this story regarding the allegations as well as the future of the band, but he did not return the calls.

Ben Tourkantonis, drummer for Control’s 2017 stint on Warped Tour, weighed in with a June 8 post about his brief stint with the band (he was let go from the band via text message) and women telling him their stories about Francis. “I want to be clear that I am here 100 percent for the victims,” he wrote on Facebook. “None of the things that they have gone through were OK. At the very least, what is on display in those posts and articles is not conscious, is not elevating, is not high vibrational, is not love, and most importantly is not an example of humanity operating at its highest level. We should all aspire to do better than this. We should not accept this as a music scene or as a society.”

On a social media post dated June 12, Francis’ wife Lindsay Allyn revealed that after 10 years of marriage she was leaving her husband.

Days later, as more allegations were levied at Francis, Allyn pushed back at her husband’s accusers, stating that she was not leaving him because of the Tumblr blog. “That doesn’t mean I condone what he did, even though [his accusers] enthusiastically consented,” she posted in an Instagram story. “I’ve seen the evidence—the full message streams, the full sex video—and the picture painted on that blog is a massive, skewed lie. As a rape survivor, I find that especially insulting,” adding “His extramarital relationships were not part of our open marriage. That is why I cannot continue with him. Stop claiming victory over destroying his life. I’m glad he was honest with me, even if it means we don’t stay married.”

Lindsay Allyn posts on her Instagram page clarifying why she was leaving Francis.
Lindsay Allyn posts on her Instagram page clarifying why she was leaving Francis.
Lindsay Allyn posts on her Instagram page clarifying why she was leaving Francis.
Lindsay Allyn posts on her Instagram page clarifying why she was leaving Francis.

Allyn later softened her stance with an Instagram post on June 30.

“You won’t ever be your old self again… you’re growing into a ‘new self.’ A new self that is born out of grief.” – Ashley Davis Bush – Grief is the only word I have to describe this. I honestly wish I had kept my mouth shut about the whole situation in my personal life before all the facts were in. Now that I know more, now that more lies have been uncovered, I wish I could take back my words because I know firsthand how painful it is to not be believed. For that I am sorry. The veil has been lifted. I am no longer the fool in the story of my own life. I am a warrior, and I will be better, stronger, and wiser once this battle is over. Much love to all who struggle each day for a better life. You are worth it. #grief #recovery #iseeyou #youarenotalone

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