6. All the summer tours are announced

And you can work to save your money to actually afford to go to at least some of them.

7. It’s too cold to do anything but binge-watch TV and movies

You can finally catch up on all of your shows because there’s no way you’re leaving your bed.

8. You can over accessorize

When it comes to accessories, more is more. We can layer on the beanies, fingerless gloves and basically any other accessory we can find. They do say you’re supposed to layer up, so that definitely applies to jewelry too.

9. You can be super moody on Valentine’s Day

On the surface, Valentine’s Day is the biggest anti-emo holiday ever. However, if you spend the whole time hating it and maybe indulging in a few things to show your distaste, it can be fun.

10. Everything is dead and dark

There’s no greenery. Winter basically has four colors—brown, black, white and gray. That’s almost our entire wardrobe, so it’s very suitable.

What do you think the most emo part of winter is? Sound off in the comments!

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