[Photo by: Lauren Klinge]

Heavy progressive rock band Wolf & Bear premiere the first single, “GreyBlood,” off their upcoming album Everything Is Going Grey. This album—the band's first major release since its 2016 split EP with Adventurer—was produced by Dryw Owens (From Indian Lakes, A Lot Like Birds, Sianvar) for Blue Swan Records and can be expected later this summer.

Hailing from Sacramento, CA, Wolf & Bear is the newest project of Dance Gavin Dance bassist Tim Feerick. The band also features Marcus Cisneros and Tyler Watt on vocals, Cameron Nunez and Joshua Unitt on guitar, and Jacob Koval on drums.

The video for “GreyBlood” was directed and filmed by Ethan Parrilla of Atrocious Works and showcases the band's incredible energy—not to mention an unreasonable amount of champagne.

“Don't let your friends spray champagne in your eyes; it hurts,” jokes Nunez about his experience shooting the video.

Check out the video for “GreyBlood” below:

Catch Wolf & Bear on their upcoming summer tour: 

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