13 X Games athletes to keep your eye on this weekend in Minneapolis

July 13, 2017
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BMX (continued)

Garrett Reynolds (BMX Street)

The most dominant force in BMX street is undoubtedly Garrett Reynolds, who has put on a clinic in the event since both he and the sport first made an appearance back in 2008. As mentioned previously, the only rider to dethrone Reynolds in X Games competition is Ishod Wair, who was able to do so in 2013 leaving Reynolds to take the silver. But on all eight other occasions, Reynolds took home the gold. That's right, the New Jersey native has all but ousted the competition, finishing top two in literally every BMX street event held and making him one of the most mezmerizing athletes to watch this weekend. A highly praised characteristic of Reynolds, however, is his capability to remain down to Earth while always pushing himself, whether it be with his friends or simply his ear buds.

Colton Satterfield (BMX Big Air)

Always bringing his energy and something new to the table is Colton Satterfield, who specializes in extremely custom freestyle tricks. The 27-year-old from Salt Lake City, Utah has been a part of the BMX Big Air event since 2011; and his previous two appearances in 2014 and 2015 both resulted in gold medal runs with some highly entertaining creativity. Back in 2013 when the X Games visited an unprecedented four cities in one year, Satterfield iconically premiered four brand-new tricks at each one of the locations. Then in 2015, he became the second-ever rider to land a double flair in X Games history, allowing him to feed off the drive he passion he has for the sport. Satterfield will look to soar to new heights this year as he once again takes to the massive Big Air drop, and you never really know what tricks he might have in his bag.

Dennis Enarson (BMX Dirt/Park)

Capping off the star-studded BMX lineup, we have Dennis Enarson, who is as talented as they come. Containing the capability to compete in dirt, park or street, Enarson has showed a wide ranging skillset that's definitely not for the faint of heart. Having previously medaled on four different occasions in the park competition, including three silvers and a bronze, Enarson decided a year ago in Austin that he would forego his street invitation and focus on tackling park. It paid off big time, as the San Diego native took home his first gold medal at the X Games. This year he'll branch back out to competing in dirt as well as defending his park win, which is sure to make for double the fun when watching this guy hit the course.


Thomas Pagès (Moto X Best Trick/QuarterPipe)

Hailing from France, motocross freestyler Thomas Pagès is easily one of the most captivating riders in the field, and he's never afraid to push the limits. The French competitor has already been the first to land a number of specialty tricks, including the double-grab backflip, the front-flip flair and the unbelievable bike flip. Pagès is also one of the original motocross riders who embraced the quarterpipe, of which he has four of his own at his training facility in France where he practices both real and foam pit landings. Expect Pagès to bring his A-game to Minneapolis, as the best trick competition always delivers its fair share of “ooh's” and “ahh's,” along with the occasional “are you kidding me?”

Taka Higashino (Moto X Best Trick/Freestyle)

Taka Higashino became Japan's first motocross competitor in the X Games back in 2007, and since then, the daring rider has taken home gold in the freestyle event on three different occasions, making him the only rider other than Travis Pastrana to take home the hardware as many times. Though Higashino finished in fourth in both the best trick and freestyle events in Austin a year ago, it largely came in part to unfavorable weather conditions. This year, with the X Games being held in the indoor facility of U.S. Bank Stadium, he will likely be looking to charge back to his previous domination, heading back to both of his regular disciplines. As noted with Pagès, expect the unexpected from this dirt bike manipulator.

Jarryd McNeil (Moto X Best Whip/Quarterpipe/Step-Up)

One of the most uncanny athletes in all of X Games competition is Jarryd McNeil, who lately has been notable for his role on the Nitro Circus tour. This is mainly due to his insane ability to whip his bike, which has him turning nearly 180 degrees in either direction after takeoff (which most riders can't do) before pulling it back in arguably the cleanest way possible. McNeil gets some of the best air possible of any of the motocross riders in the competition, which has earned him an unprecedented invite to three separate events this year: best whip, quarterpipe and step-up. Coming off two years of consecutive best whip golds and last year's top spot in step-up, it wouldn't truly be a shocker to anyone if McNeil was somehow able to walk away with three more this time around.

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