Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Young Fox are nearing the debut album delivery of Sky Beats Gold, an atmospheric, moody, rock album at its core. West coast indie Spartan Records (Ourlives, Sullivan, Schematic, Mae, more) will release it to the world on March 10, 2017. AltPress have hand-picked “Slow Burn” to exclusively premiere here, partly due to a huuuge guest feature from Anberlin/Anchor & Braille's Stephen Christian. Just crank that volume and wait for it.

PRE-ORDERS: Vinyl // iTunes

“The lyrics behind 'Slow Burn' stem from contemplating one's life and how fast it all goes. We get lost in doing so much for so little. But if we pause and see the worth in our lives we can do so much more,” offers lead vocalist and guitarist Luke Cypher.

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