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YUNGBLUD is a force to be reckoned with as evidenced by his live shows alone. The genre-spanning singer often uses his platform for more than just delivering infectious jams as he works across the board to inspire his fans.

While his lyrics may dig deep, he also unleashes words of wisdom across his social media and we can’t get enough of it. Check out some of YUNBLUD’s most inspiring moments below.

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1. On keeping your eyes on the future.

2. When he inspired young voters.

3. On being yourself.

4. When he declared perfection is overrated.

5. When he opened up about anxiety and depression through “Kill Somebody.”

6. On following your gut—literally.

7. Who knew matches could be so inspiring?

the smallest match can ignite the biggest fire. were the fuckin matches 👅

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8. When he got deep about the metaphorical importance of glue.

9. When he gave new perspective to a growing problem.