felt emo might delete
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10 hilarious “felt emo might delete” videos you need to see

Most of you may recognize Matt Cutshall from his hilarious and viral video series, “felt emo might delete.” His videos have been shared by people everywhere across social media platforms, reminding us that “emo’s not dead.” 

Cutshall teams up with his girlfriend Arielle Vandenberg and the perfect collection of timeless tracks to create comical and all-too-relatable videos. We’ve collected 10 “felt emo might delete” videos that will speak to the inner emo in all of us. So grab your eyeliner, straighten your hair and check out these hilarious videos below.

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1. “Ohio Is For Lovers”

This is the one that started it all. The original “felt emo might delete” video features the iconic Hawthorne Heights track “Ohio Is For Lovers.” Cutshall is definitely all of us when our favorite emo jam comes on in the car because clearly everything else can wait.

2. “Buried Myself Alive”

This video features epic dance moves and the look we’ve all experienced from our parents, friends or acquaintances at some point in our emo lives. “Buried Myself Alive” by the Used is the soundtrack for the second installment of this series—a track that’s near and dear to our dark hearts.

3. “I Miss You”

Ah, good ole blink-182 and their timeless track “I Miss You.” It would be a sin not to include this track in our emo video series. We unlock the doors for no one when this comes on. Not unless they agree to scream “voice inside my heah” at the top of their lungs.

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4. “The Black Parade”

The My Chemical Romance video is the perfect opportunity for Cutshall to switch out the blond wig for black, don black nail polish and steal his girlfriend’s eyeliner. If this isn’t you when “The Black Parade” comes on, are you even a real MCR fan?

5. “Until The Day I Die”

There’s a special place in our emo hearts for Story Of The Year’s “Until The Day I Die.” Get yourself someone who will FaceTime you in the middle of nowhere to serenade you with this timeless track and entertain you with their impressive dance moves.

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6. “Cute Without The ‘E’ (Cut From The Team)”

This video may feature Taking Back Sunday’s “Cute Without The ‘E,’” but we’re putting a giant “E” for emo on this one. The black wig, nail polish and girl pants make their return as Cutshall is clearly no help in changing a tire—or is he?

7. “Ocean Avenue”

There’s a place off Ocean Avenue where we used to sit and talk about our various emo interests. Like Cutshall, true emos cannot contain themselves in public when this iconic Yellowcard track comes on, and the MCR shirt is simply the icing on the cake.

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8. “On My Own”

What could possibly make scary movies even better? A dash of emo, of course. A flashlight spotlight, candles and a guitar turn this potential horror video into an, uh, interesting attempt at a romantic gesture with the Used’s “On My Own.”

9. “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King”

Everyone’s inner child came out when Disney released their live-action remake of The Lion King. Cutshall and Vandenberg were no exception, taking the opportunity to turn this Disney classic into an emo hit. Meshing Underoath’s “A Boy Brushed Red Living In Black And White” with “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” is only more proof that he’s clearly king of the emos.

10. “Ohio Is For Lovers” – Take Two

The latest video pays ode to the original by revisiting “Ohio Is For Lovers,” only this time, it features Hawthorne Heights and the Pure Noise Records office. By the end of this video, our eyeliner was streaming down our faces as we cried tears of joy and laughed hysterically.