FEVER 333 Last Time music video
[Photo via FEVER 333/YouTube]

Watch Jason Aalon Butler's burning piano ode in FEVER 333's "LAST TIME"

FEVER 333 are back with a new music video for their WRONG GENERATION track “LAST TIME.”

The piano-based song sees frontman Jason Aalon Butler somberly playing the instrument as it’s burning before walking away.

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The short track’s accompanying visuals are simple yet captivating with a warehouse background filling the flaming scenery of the shot.

You can check out FEVER 333’s “LAST TIME” video in the player below.

Beyond the new video, the band have been keeping busy this year with plenty of new music.

In October, they revealed their new EP and held their first-ever digital global tour. Butler also shared at the time that WRONG GENERATION was inspired by the ongoing protests and unrest in the United States.

“This project is art as activism first,” he said. “I’m talking about what’s happening and what needs to happen. I hope you understand there’s going to be pain in progress. After dismantling and deconstructing all of these things, we can find a beautiful place to be together. For me, this whole EP is that 13 days after 34 years. You fucked with the WRONG GENERATION.”

They followed that with the post-election stand-alone song “Once Again” which fans received by texting a number. The band gave a snippet of the track on their social media but to hear the full thing, you had to follow their directions.

Beyond that, they also gave Linkin Park fans a treat with their cover of “In The End.” The band teamed up with grandson celebrating the Hybrid Theory anniversary.

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