In 2017, FEVER 333 made their riotous live debut with an impromptu performance at Randy's Donuts in frontman Jason Aalon Butler's hometown of Inglewood, California. Nearly six years later, with countless records sold and worldwide tours under their belt, the band returned to their home base on May 10 to mark a new chapter in the community where it all started. This time, however, they wanted to capture the essence of a rowdy backyard punk house show to debut the new lineup of FEVER 333 before their appearance at this year's Sick New World Festival

In a makeshift green room, crowding around a small TV watching an NBA game among friends, Butler is visibly beaming with excitement and eager to discuss what the night ahead represents for not only himself and his band but his community and culture as a whole. "The intentions here are to put on display not only where I'm from and how I came into this scene but to also show that there is still very much a scene here and a new one that we can cultivate," Butler asserts. 

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Dubbed the "Fever Function," Butler was inspired to curate an event that harked back to his upbringing, which he spent going to both DIY punk and hip-hop shows in the neighborhood every chance he could get. "It was the most beautiful time of my life," Butler admits. "Amidst all the adversity I felt, whether environmentally, politically, or culturally, I felt safe, seen, and unique whenever I came to the hood to see these shows. It felt like our own bubble that we were feeding, nurturing, and exploring all at once." 

The "Fever Function" was a community affair that transformed a small DIY space into a vessel of endless opportunities for engagement. "This house is made for people to dwell and live, but we're creating a space where people can connect, share, perform, and be seen,” Butler says. "The DIY spirit is made to show you that anything is possible."

At sunset, FEVER 333 triumphantly took the stage. Adorning custom white jumpsuits, Butler was surrounded by an all-new lineup, including drummer Thomas Pridgen (The Mars Volta, Trash Talk, Snoop Dogg), viral bass virtuoso April Kae, and guitarist Brandon Davis (Lions Lions, ex-Vanna). It was abundantly clear that things were about to get wild. 

FEVER 333 played a blistering 35-minute set of fan-favorite tracks, as well as the live debut of their yet-to-be-released song "Swing." Put simply, the band sounded more rejuvenated than ever. The performance was almost ceremonial, with Butler continuing to redefine the meaning of crowd engagement and pushing the boundaries of physicality and exhibition that rivaled seasoned acts. Between songs, he touched on the band's core mission of enriching and supporting BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities, with those in the crowd listening attentively (which included Zulu, Meet Me @ The Altar, H2O frontman Toby Morse and bassist Skyler Acord (Issues, twenty one pilots). 

At that moment, there was a palpable sense of gratefulness that heavy music has such a fearless voice in Butler, who remains committed to speaking out for the marginalized and selflessly puts in the work for significant societal change. 

When Butler announced the final song, the daredevil frontman climbed atop the roof of the house and screamed his heart out before leaping into the crowd below. Butler then crowd-surfed the entire backyard perimeter, threw a garbage can in the air, incited a circle pit, and poured every ounce of his soul into the set’s final minutes. As the show ended, the backyard was littered with beer cans and smiles, with guests roaring with applause. The "Fever Function" was the perfect way to welcome the next chapter of FEVER 333 and the power of music and community.

FEVER 333 unveil new lineup ahead of Sick New World 2023

Prior to their performance at this year's Sick New World in Las Vegas, FEVER 333 played a house show in LA. Check out the photos below.