Ever watch a movie with a concert scene in it and want to be there so badly? Who cares about what the main characters are doing even, just give us more live music.
Even though these concerts didn’t happen in real life, we picked a few of our favorite fictional shows we wish we could have attended.

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1. All Time Low (Fan Girl)

This movie was way too relatable. From the giant poster above Lu’s bed to the moment when she meets Alex Gaskarth in the coffee shop, this girl represents all of us in high school and perhaps even today. Nothing beats the All Time Low concert though when she’s pulled up onstage and basically lives out our dreams.

2. Fall Out Boy (Sex Drive)

Sex Drive features Fall Out Boy partying it up in a barn during a parody of the Amish tradition of rumspringa. As they’re playing, all these Amish kids are living out their wildest fantasies and acting as crazy as possible. Being able to see Fall Out Boy in a weird but upclose setting would make the drive to Amish Country worth it.

3. Sex Bob-Omb (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World)

We spend a lot of time wishing this band were real. Their battle of the bands show against the Katayanagi Twins was the show we all wanted to see. First of all, it’s a show where two bands are playing against each other at the same time, and you’re right in the middle of it. How kickass is that?

4. Cannibal Corpse (Ace Ventura)

This was the cameo concert that surprised us all. Seeing Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura rocking out onstage with Cannibal Corpse was absolutely amazing. It was the scene we never knew we needed. But more importantly, it was the concert we wish we were at. What would make our lives more complete than seeing Carrey rock onstage with a metal band?

5. School Of Rock (School Of Rock)

School of Rock was the school of our dreams. We all wanted a teacher like Dewey Finn, but more importantly, we wanted to attend battle of the bands. Sure, playing in it would have been cool, but seeing a bunch of little kids rocking out like no one’s business was the best part of that movie, and we wish we could have been there.

6. Josie And The Pussy Cats (Josie And The Pussycats)

From the cartoon series to the live-action movies, Josie And The Pussycats have been trendsetters for decades. With Riverdale, the band are back and just as iconic. However, nothing tops their performance in the 2001 adaption. We wanted to see them perform “3 Small Words” so bad.