You know them, you love them and you're not going to leave until you hear them. They're the scene staples that are the closing tracks of your favorite bands' sets. They can be a band's personal theme song or the tracks dictated by the stans. If they don't get played, there will be hell to pay.

Our video of songs that will always end a band's set has some bona fide classics. Some of them you'd only recognize if you were a diehard fan. Other songs mentioned are inextricably linked to the bands and their attendant legacies. The community we cover has a great degree of fan service built-in. It's an understood binding pact. Thursday have a touring history that encompasses thousands of shows. Do you know how many times they didn't play their scene staple on tour? Exactly once. Sure no one died, but some people were heavily bummed out about it.

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There used to be a time when purposely not playing the crowd-pleasing scene staple was bold. Historically, it's been proven that bands who do that have started to hate each other. They don't want to punch each other out, so they'll skip their most-loved song instead. And then pass the gesture off as "wanting to progress" in their art. Not cool. If you created a piece of art that resonated in the hearts of so many people, why would you ever deny it?

Which is why we're giving you our video of scene staples you'll always hear at the end of the show. Just like your favorite bands, we're not giving you any spoilers. You know what's coming. But there's something else that's weird. Playing the scene staple in the first 15 minutes. (Everything's fine, Motion City Soundtrack.) We're not sure how smart that is, either. Then again, if it worked for these guys, then who are we to quibble?