FINNEAS has released a new music video for "The Kids Are All Dying." The track comes from his highly acclaimed debut album, Optimist.

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The visual follows FINNEAS as he breaks into a jewelry shop. He smashes through the glass and tries on long diamond necklaces and huge gold rings as he sings, "Bang bang/Knocking on my door/'Do you have a dollar, would you like to fund a war?'"

FINNEAS spoke about the meaning behind the song in a press release, saying, "Even if we are living through a time of chaos and uncertainty, the human experience is never going to exclude love, sex, fun, leisure, and adventure. If you’re in love, you’re going to write a love song. It’s how the brain works.”

The video was shot in Los Angeles and directed by Philip Andelman, who has previously worked with Rihanna and John Mayer.

You can watch the music video for "The Kids Are All Dying" below.

FINNEAS spoke with AltPress for issue 399, available here