Sharon Van Etten is celebrating the 10th anniversary of her second studio LP Epic with the special reissue epic Ten. For the record, Van Etten teamed up with a slew of artists to reimagine the original album’s songs including Fiona Apple who has reworked Love More.”

On the heels of her big wins at the 2021 Grammys, Apple has released her own take on Van Etten’s emotional acoustic track. Along with Apple, the reissue also features reworkings from IDLES, Courtney Barnett, Shamir and Big Red Machine among others.

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This rendition of “Love More” showcases some of Van Etten and Apple’s greatest artistic strengths. While keeping the original harmonies intact, Apple infuses her own alternative rock style and powerfully distinct vocals in the new cover. As well, the recording features rhythmic bongo drums that complement the soft strumming of acoustic guitars and haunting piano notes. 

Meanwhile, Van Etten’s soft voice is weaved throughout the track, which further highlights the vulnerable narrative that originally inspired “Love More.” Ultimately, Van Etten and Apple manage to blend together their unique styles without overpowering one another, creating a melodic rendition that offers a fresh take on the 2010 track.

Fiona Apple’s cover of “Love More” is available to stream below.

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On Thursday, Van Etten took to Instagram to explain why she asked Apple to take part in epic Ten. As it turns out, she’s been inspired by Apple and her music since her teenage days. Through Apple’s music, Van Etten found the inspiration and drive to become a better musician and writer.

“The emotional rawness and visceral angst and honesty of Fiona Apple’s music was first met by my teenage years,” Van Etten says on Instagram. “Sharing a bedroom with my little sisterwho so patiently studied for schoolas I tried to write, sing, and play guitar in a way I wasn’t ready for yet. Fiona made me want to be a better player. She made me want to have something to say. Although music has always been an important outlet for me, I knew I hadn’t lived like she had. Having no concept of age, I heard her voice as experienced and wise and someone that I wanted to be or to know. I carried her with me.⁣⁣”

For Van Etten, “Love More” is one of her most vulnerable songs that was inspired by a difficult time in her life. Now that Apple’s version of the track exists, Van Etten feels completely different about it. In fact, the cover sheds further light on the sheer admiration Van Etten has had for Apple after all of these years. 

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“‘Love More’ is the most revealing song about one of the hardest times in my life, and the mark of change,” she says on Instagram. “When I admitted I needed help. When I leaned on others and acknowledged my weaknesses, when I was accepted at my lowest of lows, with support, and was able to move on. I was in a dark place when I wrote this song [and] I was in a safer space when I was able to record it. Now that Fiona’s version will exist in this universe, it helps me feel even farther away from the darkness I had to experience in order to write this song. She brings it life and light. She has given me her hand after all these years... and it is with pure joy to finally share this song in a brand new light by someone I always wished I could be.”

Apple’s cover of “Love More” marks the final track to be released off of epic Ten. Since announcing the anniversary reissue last month, Van Etten premiered one new track every Thursday leading up to the LP’s release April 16. She kicked things off with Big Red Machine’s, a project started by the Nationals Aaron Dessner and Bon Iver, cover of “A Crime.” Soon after, IDLESrock-heavy take on “Peace Signs” made its debut.

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Then, in mid-March, Van Etten released a performance video of Lucinda Williams’ cover of “Save Yourself” which was then followed up by Shamir’s take on “DsharpG.” For epic Ten, Courtney Barnett worked with Vagabon to record a percussion-heavy cover of “Don’t Do It.” More recently, St. Panther offered their electro-pop rendition of “One Day.” 

All of these epic Ten tracks are available to stream below. epic Ten arrives April 16, and preorders are available here

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Van Etten and her band are performing a livestream event April 16 and 17 in celebration of epic Ten’s release. All of the proceeds from the performances are going to Zebulon LA, a venue Van Etten says was an integral part during the early days of her career. Tickets for the livestream event are available here and start at $15. 

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