Firefly Music Festival is currently underway, featuring some incredible acts such as Panic! At The Disco, Travis Scott, Zedd, Death Cab For Cutie and more.

Another highlight from this year's event includes multiple sets from Emo Nite LA throughout the weekend. However, not every set is your typical Emo Nite party. Yesterday, Emo Nite held their very first silent disco complete with a silent mosh pit.

Check it out below!

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The 2019 Firefly Music Festival is taking place June 21-23 at The Woodlands in Dover, Delaware.

On top of an incredible lineup, the festival revealed they would be holding Silent Discos throughout the weekend.

What's a Silent Disco you ask? It's an event where people listen to music that's broadcasted via wireless headphones, rather than a speaker system. So, if you're not wearing the headphones, it looks like a bunch of people dancing to absolutely nothing.

[video width="480" height="852" mp4=""][/video]

[video width="480" height="852" mp4=""][/video]


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firefly day 2 update: y’all really came ready to party. we had the first set of the day on the roost stage and the crowd went all the way to the back of the tent. it was absolutely incredible the amount of energy y’all had at 1pm on a friday. then we started a silent moshpit at the silent disco. and i think that’s probably the first time that’s ever happened ever. so far everything about this festival has blown us away and we are so grateful to each and every one of you who’s been coming out and screaming their heads off at our sets. idk whom is letting us do this stuff but we have two more sets tomorrow (4pm at the silent disco, 6:15 at the treehouse stage) and we can’t wait to party w u all again. (? @acaciaevans) #fireflymusicfestival #firefly2019

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UPDATE: Emo Nite LA pulled it off again for their second Firefly Festival silent disco set.

This time, festivalgoers threw down to A Day To Remember’s “The Downfall Of Us All,” according to attendees.

Check out the second day below.

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[video width="480" height="852" mp4=""][/video]

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