The Control Project is partnering with Archer Sierra (Dark City Media Group) for a trilogy of movies based off of William Control's trans-media body of work, which includes several albums and three books. The partnership's first full length film, Revelator: The Neuromancer, is now officially in development.

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Jacob Johnston adapted the book for the screen. He is also directing the resulting film, which will be his debut. Production begins later this year in Montreal, Canada.

"In a world of hyper connectivity and a news feed that disappears faster than you can refresh a browser, I've decided that taking everything into my own hands and being as creative as I want will allow me to accomplish things I never thought possible." Control says. "Bringing Revelator to the big screen is my next big adventure. It's not just for my fans, it's for the world." 

"Revelator: The Neuromancer will spur audiences with an interesting blend of genre bending that takes elements of a strong character drama and combines them with the edge-of-your-seat set pieces of a thriller, with plenty of surprises in between." Sierra says. "The opportunity to partner with a talented and revolutionary artist such as William is a privilege. I am very proud to be part of this project." 

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