Fit For An Autopsy guitarist Patrick Sheridan is receiving positive praise after a recent good deed of his went viral on Twitter.

On June 18, a young black female revealed that a man came to her aid after her vehicle ran out of gas on the freeway. Twitter users quickly identified the man in the story as Sheridan.

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The woman, @AfricanPrize on Twitter, shared that she was driving on the freeway Thursday afternoon when her car ran out of gas. She was unaware that her gas tank was low and was on her way for an oil change.

Amid the Black Lives Matters protests over the wrongful killing of George Floyd and continuous police brutality incidents, tensions are high and people are demanding change. As @AfricanPrize shares in her story, the Fit For An Autopsy guitarist decided to stop and assist her rather than have her face the possibility of an unjust situation with police.

After some users asked why she didn't call for roadside assistance, she explained that it was going to take 90 minutes for assistance to arrive. While she was waiting, she noticed Sheridan pull up in his car. After realizing she was out of gas, he quickly made his way to the nearest gas station to fill up her gas canister.

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For @AfricanPrize, she explains that the moral of this story is to not judge a book by its cover. As a black woman, she usually "doesn't trust people who look like him" and was shocked to find out just how kind Sheridan is.

"The whole point of this tweet is that I don’t usually trust people who look like him so I didn’t except him to be so kind," she tweets. "It’s a lesson to me not to judge a book by its cover. What are some of you not comprehending?"

In a separate tweet, she addresses the trolls that tried to turn the story into a negative experience.

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"Yeaaa I’m def not responding to any more of fucking weirdos who are somehow upset at this post," she continues. "Mad because I’m surprised and touched somebody who looks like him helped someone who looks like me. Lmfao y’all are strange as hell."

Sheridan's name is not mentioned in the story. However, Fit For An Autopsy fans quickly identified him in the photo that was shared along with the story. Sheridan himself is not particularly active on social media. However, he did tweet about the viral moment on June 19.

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What do you think of Patrick Sheridan's act of kindness? Let us know in the comments below!

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