Have you just never been sure about what the hell was going on with people nowadays? Up and coming electro pop rock duo FITNESS (ex-AWOLNATION, Eve 6) are wondering the same thing in their music, and in their newest release “Feel The Weight.”

In the artistic music video full of dynamic lighting and calculated choreography, Max Collins (Eve 6) and Kenny Carkeet (ex-AWOLNATION) take us through the distractions of society.

"We wanted the video to reflect the song which is about the pressures of living in today's Aggroculture. The song takes the perspective that privileged, psychic pain may be preferable to other types of pain but it still fucking sucks,” says vocalist Max Collins (Eve 6). “The video, directed by Jon Pears, is a one shot that moves through vignettes that illustrate various forms of superfice and distraction.”

The song “Feel The Weight” itself reflects on these issues, as well as the pressure we all feel sometimes to just fit in.

"'Feel The Weight' came together in a funny way.  Max and I sent Voice Memos to each other for a while before we even tracked it,” says guitarist Kenny Carkeet (ex-AWOLNATION). “The song, to us, is about the weight of modern pressures - aka trying to be cool.  Selfies, Likes, Comments, Favorites, Look at me, Look at me…”

FITNESS’ upcoming EP is set to be released June 9th. If you want to check them out yourself, save some confusion by just going to FitnessWasTaken before you’re your redirected to fitness blogs or end up accidentally buying a fitness band.

Check them out below!