We here at AP know you internet denizens love lists. And we know that folks in bands have other interests beyond cranking out decibels. So here’s Five Faves, a column that solicits a list of five subjects from a number of various rockers.

Dennis Casey guitarist for Irish punk band FLOGGING MOLLY gives you his must haves for St. Patrick's Day.

1. I think it is a must to have a good breakfast to start the day. Eggs, plenty of toast and whatever else you like. It's good to start the day with a full belly as you will need it for the rest of the day. Most hardcore celebrators will get an early start to the day so wash the breakfast down with some Irish coffee. One shot of good Irish whiskey will do in your coffee.

2. Have plenty of Guinness handy. If you don't like it, any good beer will do. Also a good bottle of Irish whiskey is a must. Knappogue is one of my favorites, but it's a little hard to find. So any Irish whiskey will do. Try this instead of doing shots: Put some whiskey in a glass and pour a little bit of water in it too. It'll bring out the sweetness and taste better. I've seen it done that way in many pubs in Ireland. Plus, you may be drinking all day so why rush?

3. Find a good Irish pub. The more authentic, the better. Forget all the places with green beer. How can you turn Guinness green, anyway? It should be packed with people ready to set it off. A good selection on the jukebox or a DJ to play some rowdy tunes from the Pogues, the Dubliners, the Dropkick Murphys and, hey, why not Flogging Molly?

4. Live music is a must. If the pub is not having any live music that night, find one that is. After getting primed at the pub with beer and whiskey and tunes, you should be in good form to sing along with the band playing. You and every other person should be screaming your heads off, singing along to some good old Irish drinking songs.

5. Water and Ibuprofen. Drink plenty of water before you go to sleep. You'll be glad you did the next day. If you want to have some fun experimenting on cures for your hangover, here's a link I like that has tons. Some will make you laugh, some will make you gag, but all are worth checking out. thisishell.net/hangover-cures