We here at AP know you internet denizens love lists. And we know that folks in bands have other interests beyond cranking out decibels. So here’s Five Faves, a column that solicits a list of five subjects from a number of various rockers.

This week, Wayne Wildrick of MAN OVERBOARD tell us about some of his musician friends that inspire him.

Being a musician is more than just playing an instrument. It involves being a part of a community that makes you want to become better. I am blessed with some of the most talented friends, so here's a list, in no particular order, of five people who inspire me every day to be a better guitar player.

Erik Petersen of Balance And Composure

I met Erik in 2008 when our bands toured together, and I have yet to come across a more genuine guitar player. I remember every night watching them play and thinking, "Fuck, this dude rips." He always plays his guitar like a man. He always follows through in the riff, and the tone is always perfect. Balance And Composure fuse so many influences, and I feel like Erik is that glue. We both come from similar hardcore backgrounds, something we have always bonded over and respect in each other. Our text messages are either over some Cro-Mags riff or what Mikey Miss is talking about on Philly sports radio.

Michael Craver of Seahaven

I had the pleasure of touring with Seahaven last spring, and to this day, they are one of my favorite live bands. Michael Craver defines the “Los Angeles” sound of this generation. Listening to Seahaven makes me want to cruise the Pacific Coast Highway and slick my hair back. Every lead line he plays is one I wish I had written for my band. We recently played a show in Long Island with them after Michael had spent a few months away from the band, and it was one of the best performances I have ever seen from them. It became apparent to me that Michael is the sound of Seahaven. They are a very charismatic live band—they take you to another place. Michael is the one who builds the bridge to get you there.

Tim Landers of Transit

Tim and Transit are some of my oldest friends. I could write a book on the times I have had with this guy. When we first started playing with Transit, they were playing songs off Let It Out. Tim Landers must have been from the Midwest in a past life because he is always leaning more toward American Football, Braid and Minus The Bear. He is someone who totally fuses genres. Journalists will never give Transit's musicianship the credit it deserves because journalists aren't musicians. If a reviewer had to sit down and play what Tim plays, his head would spin. When Tim started finger tapping here and there, I knew a change was coming. Since that inaugural moment, he continues to push himself, and the riffs just keep getting more and more beautiful. We always called him Saint Landers because the riffs he plays are so pure and genuine.

Shane Moran and Jamie Rhoden of Title Fight

I had to put them together because they are the most important guitar duo in punk rock. The beauty of Title Fight is the whole band share a vision. With every record, they have grown together with style and grace. Both of our bands were at a friend’s barbeque for an off-day on Warped Tour when they showed us Floral Green. Listening to Jamie talk about the layers of the songs, the sounds he was trying to create and the images he wanted to portray in people's minds was both moving and inspiring. Shane is the meat of Title Fight. Always riffing with the barre power chords, always in the pocket, always grooving. Jamie brings the tasteful lead lines that fill in the space but never clutter. It's like every lead line, though simple, is always thought out and carefully placed. Shane and Jamie are two of my biggest influences both on and off the stage. What they have accomplished so far musically is something to admire, and I am already excited to see where they take their art next.

Taylor Madison of Daylight

I have already made up my mind that Jar is my favorite record of year. What makes a great record is when the band live it. And I mean really live it, not just some sob story. I was always a fan of Daylight, but Taylor and the fellas have really taken their band to a new level. My favorite thing about Taylor is watching him live. Daylight were always so heavy live, and that has a lot to do with Taylor being a riffer. We work in an industry full of ass-kissers and people who think punk rock strictly exists on the internet. Taylor Madison is the exception, and everyone should take cue from him. The dude just loves playing and being in a band. He knows what’s corny and what's not. In fact, he probably thinks it's corny that I’m saying all this about him, but that’s why I wrote it—for everyone to read this instead of saying it all to his face.