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Backed by the Flo Militia, Flo Milli is ready to dominate 2023

What’s the vibe of a Flo Milli concert? While listening to the rapper perform her Black girl empowerment anthem “PBC (Pretty Black Cute),” the bounce-influenced track quickly converts the room’s energy into a hater-free space to talk your shit. Hearing her notorious phrase “Flo Milli shit!” and instantly feeling like the prettiest girl in the room is absolutely a side effect of listening to her mood-boosting music. Add a yacht during Miami’s infamous Art Basel weekend into the mix, and you’ve got one of Milli’s most memorable performances.

While heading to the Yachts, Beats, and Art event hosted by Cheetos and Rock the Bells, a highlight of the evening was the anticipation of seeing Flo Milli’s other creative side — fashion. As a self-proclaimed sneakerhead, the Mobile, Alabama rapper born Tamia Carter shared her excitement regarding her recent collaboration with Whitney House from the Creative Era.

House, who pinged the Alabama rapper for the partnership, said that the duo unironically flowed very well together. “Her and I were organic in this collaboration in identifying what exactly we wanted to create. One of the highlights of the sneakers is a surprise.” The final product actually includes Cheetos dust inside the sneaker, and Flo Milli shared that she’s looking forward to exploring her creativity within the fashion industry more in the future.

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For most, the introduction to the Mobile artist originated during the early stages of the pandemic that fueled Flo Milli’s fun, fancam-friendly track “Beef FloMix” across social platforms like TikTok. After it blossomed the braggadocious, bubblegum-rap flows that Milli is known for, the female rap scene was never the same.

This year, Flo Milli’s fans — ironically labeled the Flo Militia — were gifted You Still Here, Ho? as the electrifying sequel to 2020’s debut mixtape Ho, Why Is You Here? The project released in August arguably had one of the best themed rollouts of the year. Like, who else has the self-titled HBIC Tiffany “New York” Pollard on their opening track? And Pollard described the incoming flow of the album best: “Just look at the material.”

Whether you’ve seen her viral TikToks or not, it’s clear that Flo Milli is a fan of Black reality television. Besides calling herself a “fanatic” of the shows, she’s been watching Bad Girls Club and other reality series since she was five.

“It was more so like tapping into something that I’ve always been connected to,” Flo Milli said of her love for Black reality television feeding into her recent release. “It really was my manager’s idea. She was like, ‘How can we amplify what you are without making something you’re not?’ And I told her that I used to do Tiffany Pollard reenactments on TikTok, and they would go viral.” The TikTok that Flo Milli posted in fall 2021 to promote her single “Ice Baby,” for instance, mimicked Pollard’s popular scene from VH1’s Flavor of Love, and has amassed over 65K likes.

Intertwining Black reality icons like Pollard with legendary album collaborators like Babyface Ray made it impossible for the artist to fail. Even her limited-edition merch featured a cropped tee titled “I Love Flo Milli” in the style of VH1’s logo. Who wouldn’t want to listen to Flo Milli and Rico Nasty rap about taking your man and his money? Better lock up your man and put him on a leash, according to Miss Milli.

flo milli

[Photo by Brandon Morris]

Following the album’s release, Flo Milli announced her first-ever headlining tour, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. She also revealed that Monaleo and Gogo Morrow are joining her as openers — which isn’t surprising, if you’ve felt the chemistry between the breakout rappers on Monaleo’s Milli-assisted track “We Not Humping (Remix).”

“Tour was fun,” she said, laughing at how much of a strong presence the Flo Militia was. “It was really eye-opening because, as an artist that [went viral during] the pandemic, I wasn’t really able to connect with my fans on a face-to-face, person-to-person level. And then like a whole year later, here we are catching up [on tour], and I’m actually meeting my fans. I thought it was dope to connect with them and actually see their real reactions.”

If you’re curious what exactly the “real reactions” of members of the Flo Militia look like, defer to a TikTok that went viral of James Madison University student Ava Perry screaming the lyrics to “In The Party.” And if you’ve heard the song, you should understand Perry’s reaction.



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Flo Milli, who played at music festivals like New Orleans’ BUKU Music and Arts Fest and Philadelphia’s Made In America Festival, mentioned that she preferred being on tour, compared to a festival run. “Instead of being at a festival, these are people who are my fans. They’re not here for other people.”

So what’s in store for the adored Alabama artist? She shared that she’s excited to be touring at the top of 2023, and that there’s a new album on the way. “I’m just ready to get really creative — like, I want to turn it up a notch. I feel like I’ve done what I need to do, but I really want to tap in more [now].”

In the meantime, you can certainly count on members of the Flo Militia to be streaming You Still Here, Ho? and awaiting our next instruction from our commander-in-chief.