On Showtime's Yellowjackets, it may be hell being stranded in the wilderness and resorting to cannibalism — but hell is also a teenage girl.

In anticipation of the upcoming season 2, Florence + the Machine dropped the perfect cover off the show's soundtrack to fit in with its coming-of-age themes. Today, Florence Welch and co. shared a version of No Doubt's 1995 hit "Just a Girl," produced by Welch and IDLES’ Mark Bowen, which appears in the latest trailer for the new season. The singer teased the release on social media earlier this week, throwing on a Yellowjackets bomber and posting, "So happy I got picked for the team this year." Welch gives the pop-punk song an eerie, goth-rock spin but keeps its feminist angst alive and well.

Last season Yellowjackets gained a reputation for its theme music and stellar soundtrack, full of '90s favorites, since half of its timeline is set in the past. Clearly, it looks like this season should be no different.

Listen to the cover now below before season 2 premieres March 24 on streaming and March 26 at 9 p.m. ET on Showtime.