This Black History Month, AltPress is passing the mic to some of our favorite artists so they can highlight the Black artists and Black-fronted bands they’re listening to right now.

Floyd Zion has created a sound all his own by refuting convention and following his own bliss. Merging trap, psych, and alternative, among other genres, Zion’s music is more than a collision of worlds — it’s a reflection of what goes on in his head. With his latest project, Pink by Floyd, on the horizon, the Houston native is set to go from an Artist Unknown to a musician on the rise. You can get a taste of the forthcoming music by listening to his new single “Belly,” where Zion produces a rhythmic haze made for the runway (even if he occasionally wants to “blow reality up”).

“I picked these songs because over the last couple months, these records have inspired me and taken me outta my own mess, giving me a sense of freedom within the madness,” Zion says.

From Lil Yachty’s vibrant psych-pop to ’90s Jay-Z, check out his Black History Month playlist below.