Dave Grohl is back in the news with loads more info on the upcoming Foo Fighters horror movie Studio 666.

The Foos frontman reveals he's working on a full-length metal album as the fictional band Dream Widow, who form a key plot point in the film. Grohl also revealed Studio 666 will feature a cameo from one of the all-time great horror directors.

In an interview with Deadline, Grohl explains how he locked in John Carpenter for a surprise appearance in the new film. Carpenter is known for working on the Halloween movies, 1980's The Fog and many other legendary horror movies.

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“This is probably the craziest coincidence or story involved in the whole film,” Grohl says. “When we started pre-production for the movie, I mentioned it to our lighting designer Dan Hadley... Dan went out on tour with John Carpenter, when John went out to perform his music. [He] said, ‘You should call John Carpenter and see if he’ll make a cameo.’ I said there’s absolutely no fucking way that he’ll ever do this. Dan gave me his email so I totally blind cold emailed him and said, ‘Hi, my name’s Dave, we have a mutual friend, Dan Hadley. We’re making a horror film, wondering if you’d consider doing a cameo.’”

Grohl then discovered that Carpenter's godson was the son of the Kinks' Dave Davies, Daniel. Daniel was in a band that Foo Fighters took on tour with them 15 years ago. Grohl says Carpenter responded by saying, “Because you treated [Daniel] so well on tour 15 years ago, not only will I make a cameo in your film, but I’ll also write the theme song.” And when Carpenter sent Grohl the song, he said everyone got goosebumps.

Grohl also recently told Rolling Stone he will release an entire metal album as Dream Widow from the movie. It will be Dream Widow's lost album, one they recorded before their singer went crazy and murdered them all. The new album, inspired by doom and thrash bands, will hopefully be out in time for the movie's Feb. 25 release. “I work fast, but fuck, this deadline is going to kill me,” Grohl says.