Growing up, your parents probably taught you that it's rude to play with food. Some artists chose to ignore that lesson and take their fan art to the next level by exclusively using food to make portraits and fan art of their favorite actors, singers and characters.

From cakes to sandwiches, these food artists made delicious and detailed depictions of rockers and alternative favorites. They've shared their pieces on Instagram and TikTok for our viewing pleasure.

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Check out these 10 food artists and their amazing creations below!

This pink frosting Melanie Martinez


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Ruby Perman is a food stylist who's blown up on TikTok and Instagram for designing mini edible outfits for celebrities. She takes photos of stars' faces and arms and uses candies, fruits, vegetables, ramen noodles and anything else edible to create stylish fits. For Melanie Martinez, she took pink sprinkles and icing to create a literally sweet dress. Similarly, she's crafted Harry Styles out of watermelon as well as outfits for Post Malone and even Kylo Ren. Check out more of her art here.

A mashed potato Marilyn Manson portrait

Harley Langberg is an Instagram-verified food artist who makes portraits of everyone from Animal from The Muppets to Professor Snape. In one of his incredible portraits, he sculpted the Prince Of Darkness himself out of mashed potatoes, yogurt, pasta, eggplant and turnip, with help from food dye as well. This was made in honor of Marilyn Manson's birthday. Check out more of Langberg's art here.

A Freddie Mercury pie

This exquisite, classic-rock-inspired pie was prepared, styled and baked by Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin, otherwise known on Instagram as @ThePieous. The face of Freddie Mercury is sitting atop a cherry pie, and his crown was carefully constructed and colored to make him look like the true king of Queen.

Patrick Stump, but make him a cake


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If you're obsessed with Patrick Stump's voice, as well as his glasses and trademark fedora, check out the Fall Out Boy frontman as a cake. Designed by Canadian bakery Cookie Kromm's, this confectionary creation serves as an ode to one of the most talented singers in the modern rock 'n' roll game.

Kurt Cobain made with pita bread

Kurt Cobain has been shared in many fan art pieces worldwide, from paintings to statues and more. Food artist Gilat Orkin crafts famous figures and characters out of pita and brightly colored foods. This creation served as a tribute to the late Nirvana singer's birthday. Check out more of Orkin's food art pieces here.

Slash with berry big hair

Guns N' Roses' iconic guitarist Slash has a big personality and even bigger hair. Instagram user and food artist @cutechichai uses healthy and bright-colored fruits to create pictures and portraits fun enough to get her kids to eat. Fans of the classic rocker may feel guilty consuming this piece, but food art is for eating.

This detailed Travis Barker portrait cookie

Many of us are familiar with the 23rd birthday cake adorned with the blink-182 Untitled album cover. Though, this intricate Travis Barker cookie portrait from Julissa Perales of Sprinkled Sweet Cookies looks like it was painted on canvas. Indeed, this piece of food art is a must-have for any fan of the band or anyone turning that dreaded age of 23.

A memorial pancake for Neil Peart


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When Rush drummer Neil Peart passed in 2020, pancake artist Lee Goldberg used his medium to honor his legacy. Additionally, Goldberg creates amazing creations of comic book characters such as Deadpool and classic rocker Gene Simmons of KISS.

A cake just for Slipknot's Mick Thomson


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As one of the biggest metal acts in the world, Slipknot are used to seeing their faces on fan-made posters and shirts. However, #7, aka guitarist Mick Thomson, is the inspiration for one insanely cool cake that looks like his actual mask. In fact, Sugar Time Bake & Craft had us thinking we were looking right into Thomson's eyes.

What's the coolest food-based fan art you've seen or created? Sound off in the comments below!