With COVID-19 decimating live music and shows this year, it's only natural for us to wax nostalgic.  As long as we can listen to shredding solos, blast beats and singers imitating velociraptors, everything would be fine. Not this year, though. Instead, we're going to remind you about 12 forgotten metalcore tracks that ruled the damned planet. Why look, there's an APTV video about that.

Was there really a time when there was a  "golden age of metalcore?" Apparently so, as most of the forgotten metalcore tracks that we've cited hover around the years 2006 - 2011. This was also the era of snakebite piercings, purple tees with yellow vinyl decals and haircuts so flat and straight, you could land a plane on them. If there was ever a time period that could be considered a Rockstar Energy Drink, this would be it. (Please list your flavor suggestion in the comments below. Say, BrokeNCYDE Berry. Or Suicide Citrus. Every Lime I Die?)

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So who made our list of forgotten metalcore tracks? We've got designer-wearing demons before they started duking it out musically with zombies. That one band whose lead singer left after their first album and everybody fared better afterward. Let us not forget that huge electronic pop band who used to shred and squawk with all the melodic fervor of acrylic nails being chewed up in a garbage disposal.

Yes, coronavirus has made our lives bleak. But these 12 forgotten metalcore tracks remain brutal. Who knows, maybe your musical tastes have expanded far beyond the realms of metalcore. (A fate that some of these now defunct bands may have embraced.) But if you've ever had a bad week or a shitty summer (like the one we're currently powering through), these songs remind you how cathartic it was to really and truly act your rage.