Todd Weinstock (of Glassjaw), Brian Deneeve (From Autumn To Ashes), Tucker Rule (Thursday), Lars Weiss (Judge)  and Derrick Karg (Death In The Park) have formed a new band called Get Involved! Check out the band's Kickstarter message and video below, then head to the campaign page to back their upcoming debut EP!

"Get Involved! are recording an EP late this spring.

Watch the video and learn more!

(Video was shot and edited by our good friend Keith Barker)

Hey Guys-

We are Get Involved!

You may know some of us from the bands Thursday, From Autumn To Ashes, GlassJAw, Judge and Death In The Park.

We have been talking for sometime about starting a heavy band.

Recently everything has fallen into place.

We've written several songs and want to share them with you.

The opportunity has been presented to record with the legendary producer Ross Robinson, who you may know from such killer records: At The Drive In Relationship of Command, GlassJAw EYWTKAS / Worship & Tribute and The Cure The Cure.

We are stoked to be able to work with him, and record at his studio.

After we get back we are planning on working extremely hard on everything that goes into the creation of putting out a record.

We plan on pressing 7-inches, Vinyl and CD versions of the EP.

The EP should have 4 to 5 songs on it.

We want to make it special and are putting tons of thought into not only the packaging, artwork and the merch that will coincide with this release.

This project is special to us and it is as good or better than anything we  have done before. We need your help!

We tried to make every pledge amount worth your dollar.

We only have a small window to record.

Once you donate please spread the word!

The two preproduction recordings that you can get for a $1 will be available in early MAY 2013. The 7-inches, Vinyl and CDs will be ready around July before we head out on a summer tour- which we hope to see all of you!

We have a lot of great things coming in the future and will be consistently updating here and, instagram (get_involvedny) FB ( Twitter (

Since we are new to the self-release world, everything is being done by us for you.

We know we're asking you to take a chance but we're making sure that this EP is going to reflect our past and our version of the future.

It will be worth the wait and we will not disappoint.

You have been amazing to us and we appreciate it.

You will be with us from the creation to finished piece of art playing in your music player.

We hope you come with us on this journey!

Thank you and see you in the pit-

Tucker, Todd, Brian, Derrick and Lars"


Tucker Rule (drums)

Brian Deneeve (Guitar)

Todd Weinstock (guitar)

Derrick Karg (vocals)

Lars Weiss (bass)