Report: Former Neck Deep guitarist goes to lawyers & police to “clear his name”

According to a report from North Wales, U.K.'s Daily Post, former Neck Deep guitarist Lloyd Roberts has taken the recent allegations placed against him to the police and intends to “clear his name.“ 

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“Last weekend there were some very serious allegations made against myself and other band members of Neck Deep,” he reportedly told the Post. “I was horrified and sickened by these accusations. I have now instructed lawyers and contacted the police, in order to clear my name and to be proactive in confronting these allegations. I took the immediate decision to take a break from the band, which was a gut-wrenching decision, as we have all worked so hard to get where we have and I do not want to let any of our fans down. I hope our fans understand.”

Following their initial acknowledgment of the situation, the band shared a larger statement, which revealed that Roberts had stepped down from the band.

Neck Deep released their sophomore album, Life’s Not Out To Get You, earlier this month on Hopeless Records. It sold more than 18,000 copies in the U.S. during its first week.