Former Saosin vocalist Cove Reber—who replaced original singer Anthony Green but parted ways with the band in 2010—was in attendance at one of the band’s recent West Coast reunion shows. Today, Reber shared his thoughts on the band’s reunion with Green and the show he attended in a post to his personal blog, along with a photo of the show. Read Reber’s full post below:

"Last night I got to be a part of the crowd and watch my favorite band of all time play the songs I fell in love with 10+ years ago. I could not be more grateful to share my first time seeing Saosin with everyone in attendance. What you did for me last night will never be forgotten or lost. Everywhere I went with Saosin I made sure that people knew… I am from San Diego. The roles got reversed last night and you put me on your shoulders and gave me the best honor I could have ever asked for. I felt the love and appreciation of every kid who’s life I changed with the songs I am so blessed to say I was a part of. I felt the appreciation from every person I ever stood outside a venue with and talked to. Thank you so much for the love and support you have shown me throughout the years. @anthonygreen666 you are my hero. Thank you for being one of the nicest most genuine people I have ever met. It is a privilege to call you friend. I couldn’t ask for a better person to be tied to for the rest of my life. To Alex, Justin, Chris and Beau thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of Saosin. I will always love you guys with all my heart. #Saosin #SanDiego #MyCity #MyHomeTown #MusicWorship"