Today, rising Oklahoma rock outfit Fossil Youth are exclusively streaming their new LP, A Glimpse Of Self Joy, here at Alternative Press. The new album, which comes out Nov. 4 via Take This To Heart records, brings a fresh blend of pensive lyrics and alluring hooks that truly distinguish Fossil Youth from other acts of their caliber.

We caught up with vocalist Scottie Noonan for a track-by-track tour through the record:

Our last EP, Intertwined With You, was about a childlike love that you couldn't obtain. Our new LP, A Glimpse Of Self Joy, is about the come up from that feeling and the struggle of falling out of love with someone and finding bliss in being alone.

“Watercolor Daydream” - "Watercolor Daydream" opens the album to the challenge of making positive changes in your life. It faces the harshest obstacle of whether you should stay exactly where you are and repair what's broken because it's what's most comfortable for you, or if you should move forward and begin building something new while carrying the uncertainty that you'll ever be loved again.

“We're Caving In” - After deciding that you must move forward, "We're Caving In" is the brash realization that you're only causing harm to yourself and your partner by staying any longer. You only face the negative facts and use them as motivation to leave.

“Late Night Swim” - "Late Night Swim" is the anxiety attack. The overthinking slowly makes its way from progression to regression, leading you back to the uncertainty that you're truly doing what's best for you. You slowly fall back in love with the idea of being in love.

“Minco” - Reaching your lowest low, "Minco" is falling deeper into the loneliness. Dismissing self-worth, you reach back out to your past love and destructively offer more of yourself than you ever have before.

“Forest Eyes” - "Forest Eyes" is dwelling in the past and forgetting all of the negative while dreaming of the ecstasy you once felt in the relationship. You replay every memory you've ever had with your partner and reminisce on a time where you were less hollow.

“Feel The Same” - "Feel The Same" is the beginning of a domino effect. The love for being chased has all but disappeared, leaving only bitterness and anger to take hold.

“Sitting In A Spinning Room” - The next domino to fall is "Sitting In A Spinning Room." While selfishly pursuing your own interests, you've lost sight of everything that has happened in the background. A near death experience shocks your core and ignites a fire in you to start a new chapter.

“Open Shut” - The new chapter of your life begins with accepting that you've become someone you hate, and now is the time to rebuild in "Open Shut." Seeing how your past choices have affected you and the ones you love, you use the new perspective to plant yourself and begin to grow.

“Common Ghost” - "Common Ghost" is the breaking point. All of the pressure and tension that has built up to this point explodes, and the distancing between you and your partner begins.

“Monochrome” - "Monochrome" is finally having time to yourself. The inconsistencies and endless warning signs become more blatant, and you begin to feel comfortable in the separation.

“Color Coded” - After some time, you reminisce on all of the things that used to bother you and laugh at them. You begin seeing a new light in life and you push towards positivity.

“Linger In My Head” - "Linger In My Head" is the final test. You find yourself face to face with your previous love, but you perceive them as a stranger. This new feeling of dissociation affirms that you no longer need one another. You are both finally free and happy, away from each other. The lyric, "Your gums bled self joy and pride/I saw it when you smiled and then I knew you don't need me at all" laments and feels hurt, but this line is the most content and truly happy moment in the entire record because it's the exact moment that you know you are entirely alone, but in exactly the way that you want to be. It's also for this reason that the record's title is drawn from this lyric.

A Glimpse Of Self Joy is very much about falling back in love with yourself, but it is also about finding contentment in finally having your freedom and ability to be truly alone. alt

Fossil Youth will be supporting this new release with a West Coast tour. Dates can be found below.

Tour Dates:

11/4 – Salina, KS @ House Show

11/5 – Lincoln, NE @ The Commons

11/6 – Colorado Springs, CO @ Weathertop

11/7 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Underground

11/9 – Bremerton, WA @ The Charleston

11/10 – Olympia, WA @ Le Voyeur

11/12 – Redding, CA @ Caldwell Park

11/13 – Stockton, CA @ Blackwater Republic

11/14 – Fresno, CA - Dynamite Vinyl

11/15 – Fullerton, CA @ Programme Skate

11/16 – Murrieta, CA @ The Awakening

11/17 – Las Vegas, NV @ Mongo Push Studios

11/18 – Tempe, AZ @ 51 West

11/19 – Shiprock, NM @ MOD

11/20 – Albuquerque, NM @ Palazzo Sazzo

11/21 – Austin, TX @ Shirley’s Temple

11/22 – Houston, TX @ The Clinic

11/23 – Dallas, TX @ The Door