Four Year Strong are gearing up to celebrate the 13th anniversary of their second album Rise Or Die Trying, on Sept. 18. 

It seems like just yesterday that the album came out, and we couldn’t stop blasting tracks such as “Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die” on our car stereos. 

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In honor of the major milestone, we wanted to test your knowledge of the album’s most iconic lyrics. So, find out if you can remember all the lyrics to “Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die” below.

More on Four Year Strong

While Four Year Strong are celebrating 13 years of their sophomore album, the post-hardcore act certainly haven’t slowed down since. At the start of the year, they released their seventh studio album Brain Pain.

The band announced in the album in January with two new songs, “Talking Myself In Circles” and the title track. They followed it up with the introspective “Learn To Love The Lie” in early February with a video chronicling an apathetic couple.

Four Year Strong wrapped up the pre-album singles the day before the album’s release with the infectious “Get Out Of My Head.” Giving a whole new meaning to an earworm of a song, the video featured them turning the lobes of a brain into their own personal stage.

Ahead of the album’s release and a spring tour with Silverstein for the latter’s 20th anniversary, FYS frontman Alan Day sat down with Shane Told to reflect on their careers and respective new releases exclusively for Alternative Press.

Marking FYS’s first release since their self-titled LP in 2015, Day opened up on how it feels to be returning with new music.

“It’s terrifying. And honestly, that was one of our biggest challenges with this new album,” Day begins. “But it’s almost exactly what you just described: People have these expectations of us. People knowing who or what we were like musically. And that really was the key. That was when we conceived that sound that people still associate us with. And that long ago, I was completely different. I’m the same person, but my life has changed so drastically; my musical interests have so drastically evolved and broadened.

“Our biggest goal making [Brain Pain] was to accurately and authentically write music that we love that feels like who we are today without getting rid of all the bits and pieces of what we were. We basically broke up for a couple of years and had a lot of time to think about what that meant and what we did when we alienated our fans by completely changing our musical DNA. But we learned a lot from that. We built a foundation that we need to continue building and not tear it down and start over.”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the band’s tour with Silverstein was postponed a few weeks in. FYS originally planned to return for the remaining shows this summer. However, the Silverstein tour is now currently set to kick off in February 2021 with support pending.

Four Year Strong do have a handful of one-off shows planned for 2021 including the seventh Four Chord Music Festival. Originally set for July 2020 with blink-182 and the Used headlining, Four Chord will now go down July 17, 2021. Check out more on the festival here and Four Year Strong’s full list of upcoming shows here.