Today marks the one year anniversary of Emo Night LA (also known as Taking Back Tuesday), Los Angeles' holy shrine of all things sad. In honor of the milestone, we've compiled a list of what to expect when the party takes over The Echo & Echoplex later this evening. Unable to make it to the show? Fret not! Follow @AltPress on Snapchat for up-to-the-minute coverage throughout the night.

1. You will meet your new best friends.

It's no secret that music brings a community together, even when they're complete strangers. What's a better icebreaker than someone else knowing every single word to the one song that defined a certain moment in time for you (and was probably your favorite AIM away message, too)? There is something downright magical about screaming along with everyone else in a crowded room, so be prepared to walk away with the feeling that a few hundred people just get you.

2. Embrace the return of guyliner (and other questionable trends).

While the heart and soul of Emo Night is in the music, it's about so much more. It seeks to embody a culture that we still hold so dear to our hearts, and that includes the style. So squeeze into that pair of skinny jeans that are a little bit tighter than you remember, clip those Hot Topic extensions in your hair and paint your eyes as black as your tortured teenage soul, because this time it's not a death wish, it's a fashion statement.

3. There will probably be a drunk guy bawling in the corner to a Dashboard Confessional song.

It happens to the best of us, really. And considering the legendary Chris Carrabba himself will be making an appearance as well as performing live, it's bound to happen. Who knows? This might actually be you (don't worry, we won't tell).

4. Your inner 14-year-old will be freaking out.

With Mikey Way, Mark Hoppus, Jack Barakat and many more slated to rock the turntables during their respective DJ sets, not only will you get to listen to some tracks off of your favorite records, but actually be in the presence of those who created them. There's no doubt you'll be shrieking, so we suggest you invest in some tea and honey to soothe those tarnished vocal cords when you need to adult the next day.