Frank Carter and Dean Richardson of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes are launching a new NFT project with “eco-friendly” NFT company Serenade.

The first NFT, titled Vita Brevis, is a skull digitally created by the pair.

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“Life is short, this NFT will last longer,” the duo say about the NFT. “A single skull, doomed to float in the ether for eternity, acts as the canvas to a kaleidoscope of real-world colour and texture painted by hand on earth and painstakingly scanned and digitally converted so it can live forever in our hearts and minds and screens.”

NFTs have come under fire for their harm to the environment through the massive carbon dioxide emissions they need to be bought and sold. However, Serenade says it only uses 1/44,000th of the carbon footprint of a normal NFT.
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“Safeguarding the Environment is one of the four pillars in Serenade’s Mission,” the platform says in their mission statement. “Artists and fans can work and live on Serenade knowing their environmental impact is minimized through utilizing these technologies.”

Frank Carter was recently featured in Alternative Press print issue #400, which you can purchase here.