This isn't a drill, we repeat, THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

A few months ago, we reported that Frank Iero had taken to Instagram to tease his followers about a new project, and we had some questions. Fast forward to today, it appears that we're finally getting the answers that we so desperately needed.

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The post in question, which happened back in August, was a photoshopped picture, which served as Iero's way of announcing his name band. He added the simple caption “first band photo. (no filter) #FIATFV,” but we had no idea what the hashtag meant...until now.

Given Frank’s prior band names of frnkiero andthe cellabration and then Frank Iero And The Patience, we could have only assumed that the name of this latest project would follow suit with the “Frank Iero And The…” theme.

Well, it looks like we weren't wrong!

Announced today, Iero posted a quick black-and-white video to his Instagram page, with the caption of:

"here’s to a happy and healthy new jeers. xofrnk
#FIATFV - Spring 2019
chapter 3"

Upon closer inspection of the post and video, fans quickly noticed that the video is actually Iero writing the band's name (!!)

And that name? Frank Iero And The Future Violents.

We're beyond excited about the new name, and talk about a good way of ending 2018! But that's not the best part of this whole thing.

As if knowing the name wasn't enough, it appears that we'll be getting new music from Frank Iero And The Future Violents way sooner than we could have ever dreamed, as he teased in his Instagram post that things will be coming Spring 2019.

Check out Iero's announcement below:


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here’s to a happy and healthy new jeers. xofrnk #FIATFV - Spring 2019 chapter 3

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What a way to end 2018.

What do you think of Frank’s new band name? Let us know by sounding off in the comments below!

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