Frank Iero has taken to Instagram to share a few stills from a video that captured the first show he ever played. Additionally, Iero shares a single bit of footage. However, there is no sound attached to the video, which is leaving fans begging for more.

In the post, Iero shouts out Pencey Prep bandmate John “Hambone” McGuire. However, according to the comments, the video may have been taken prior to the start of Iero’s “official” first band.

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That said, it looks like this footage could be taken from another project, Sector 12. In a comment, Nada Recording Studio say that they have old recordings of the band’s work.

“I still have the old Sector 12(?) tapes and mixes,” Nada Recording Studio says in a comment.

While fans are begging Iero to release the audio, it doesn’t look like we’re going to get it.

In a comment, Iero responds to Nada Recording Studio with, “Hahahah no way!!! Set them on fire and bury them in an unmarked grave.”

Sector 12, Frank Iero

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However, while the photo appears to be from Iero’s pre-Pencey Prep era, Iero doesn’t say which project the footage hails from. Instead, Iero tells the story about how he and McGuire met.

“I found an old box of vhs tapes this weekend. Lots of crazy memories flooded back. One of the tapes included the first show I ever played,” Iero says in the Instagram post. “I was a freshman in high school and I met @johnhambonemcguire who was a senior, he told me we were starting a band and that he booked us a show at our school for the junior ring dance in a month. I wasn’t old enough to stay the whole night, but I got to play the show and the rest, as they say, is history.”

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You can check out the Instagram post below.

Nada Recording Studio is the same studio that released recording footage from My Chemical Romance’s 2002 album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love back in 2013.

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Not long ago, Iero shared a photo of the original Pencey Prep lineup to Instagram.

“Fun times, definitely not a fun gig,” Iero says in the post. “Thank you @johnhambonemcguire’s friend Natalie for supplying the picture that jogged a million memories.”


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jeeeez this is an old one... @johnhambonemcguire just sent me this. 99 maybe? playing a streetfair outside a deli/hotdog stand in NJ with the original Pencey Prep lineup. @sdotsimon is out of frame probably smoking, possibly ordering a chicken parm sandwich. Bruno Rocha may have still been in the band at this point too, but he’s also unfortunately not in the photo and there are way too many Bruno Rochas on instagram so i can’t find him to tag him either ☹️but if you’re out there man hit me up, miss you. Fun times, definitely not a fun gig. thank you @johnhambonemcguire ‘s friend natalie for supplying the picture that jogged a million memories. xofrnk (EDIT: hambone just told me this is in front of the Midtown Grill in Clifton NJ)

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Would you like to hear what Frank Iero’s first live show sounded like? Sound off in the comments below.

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