Frank Iero's latest Instagram post is making us feel all kinds of nostalgic.

The musician shared a picture of his first band, and the caption is as amazing as the image. Check it out below.

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You might know Iero from My Chemical Romance, Leathermouth, Death Spells, the Cellabration, the Patience... and many more bands and side projects.

However, before all that, the musician was the frontman of New Jersey's Pencey Prep. Now he's hitting us in the feels with a throwback picture from one of the band's shows.

The street gig happened in front of the Midtown Grill in Clifton, NJ, circa 99. The image features a really young Iero and fellow bandmates getting ready for the show.

Iero also got really nostalgic sharing the image of the band's original lineup and tagged some of the other members.

"Fun times, definitely not a fun gig," he writes.

Check out the picture below:


Visualizar esta foto no Instagram.


jeeeez this is an old one... @johnhambonemcguire just sent me this. 99 maybe? playing a streetfair outside a deli/hotdog stand in NJ with the original Pencey Prep lineup. @sdotsimon is out of frame probably smoking, possibly ordering a chicken parm sandwich. Bruno Rocha may have still been in the band at this point too, but he’s also unfortunately not in the photo and there are way too many Bruno Rochas on instagram so i can’t find him to tag him either ☹️but if you’re out there man hit me up, miss you. Fun times, definitely not a fun gig. thank you @johnhambonemcguire ‘s friend natalie for supplying the picture that jogged a million memories. xofrnk (EDIT: hambone just told me this is in front of the Midtown Grill in Clifton NJ)

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