Yesterday, Frank Iero shared the most hilarious parenting story to date. The My Chemical Romance dad told his children that Hannah Montana dies in the Disney Channel original series.

After explaining that his children have gotten hooked on Hannah Montana, Iero “spoiled” the television show by telling them that the main character, Miley Cyrus, gets crushed by stage lights and dies.

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“My girls are getting older and have started combing through the Disney & Nickelodeon on demand,” Iero says in a tweet. “They recently discovered Hannah Montana and are getting a little obsessed, watching every episode. Today I told them to enjoy it while it lasts because in the last episode Hannah dies.”
In the end, we all know Hannah doesn’t actually die (literally, anyway). However, Iero admits that for all he knows, that is how the show actually ended.

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Of course, fans were quick to offer their thoughts on the hilarious interaction. One fan even speculated that Iero is attempting to start beef with Billy Ray Cyrus because Hannah Montana’s first album blocked the Black Parade from getting to No. 1 on the charts. Iero even responded to the conspiracy with a suspicious quip.

In other Frank-related news, Iero recently revealed how the Black Parade’s chaos-inducing 10th-anniversary trailer came to be. Apparently, the gang all meet up for a barbeque each year to discuss future plans. However, that video may have not been one of their brightest ideas.

Additionally, Iero announced more shows with his band Frank Iero And The Future Violents.

Iero revealed the band's name after months of teasing on New Year’s Eve.

What is your favorite dad story from Frank Iero? Let us know in the comments below.

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