Frank Iero just finally explained why he made that My Chemical Romance reference on his third Solo project Barriers.

In case you have no idea what’s going on, Frank Iero recently dropped the song "Young & Doomed" from Barriers under the name Frank Iero and The Future Violets.

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"Young & Doomed" makes the reference to the iconic MCR song we all know and love. 

“I promise that I’m not OK … Oh wait, that’s the other guy,” Iero sings in one verse.

He spoke to Hysteria Magazine and explained his reasoning behind including the reference.

“I don’t know if I was purposely trying to stir shit? It was more that I liked the idea of breaking down this fourth wall,” Iero said during the interview. “To me, it was very much like reading a comic and you find out that two superheroes are in the same universe even though they don’t necessarily interact. I like the fact that it called back to a previous works. I feel a song like ‘Young & Doomed’ is very tied to a song like ‘I’m Not Okay’ and it’s also really tied to a song like ‘I’m a Mess.’”

“So that line, it just fits so perfectly.  Yeah, I knew that it was going to cause some disruption for others, but what I was hoping for was that attention would be brought to what I was actually trying to say within the song.”

In the interview, Iero also discusses what touring with Taking Back Sunday is like as well as discussing what making music more than two years after his accident way like.

“I knew that it was something that I needed to address because it was such a life changing event. I was having a really hard time though. The things that I was writing, I didn’t feel encompassed every emotion that I had about it and it was this huge, giant elephant in the room and I felt like the things that were coming out of me just didn’t do it justice,” he said.

“I ended up getting calls from some amazing musicians, Tucker Rule, Matt Armstrong, Kayleigh Goldsworthy and Evan Nestor,” he continued. “Everybody said ‘Hey we’re free and we want to do this record’. I have known some of these people for like 20 years! And I’ve wanted to start a band with them for so long!”

“That the fact that these stars were aligning just really kinda blew my mind! I knew that I didn’t want to pass up on this opportunity just because I couldn’t get over this hurdle of writing about this experience. So, I just tackled it head on and started chipping away at it and didn’t shy away from the things that really scared me.”

“I think that in accomplishing that, it gave me a lot of confidence and, all of a sudden, all of these other things that maybe I’d shied away from in my writing throughout the years didn’t seem so scary. So, that became the battle cry, I think, for the record ‘Attack the things that scare you.’ If you find something that you are uncomfortable with, go for it! That’s the path! Get yourself out of your comfort zone at all times! That became the theme of the record, ‘Break down every wall’.

He continued saying he loves the way the record ended up.

“I really feel that this record is a record that, out of everything that I’ve ever had a hand in, is the most proud that I’ve ever been! It’s kind of insane! I do feel very fortunate to have been able to say that almost every time I make a new record! You know? That’s hard to do! I feel very blessed and very fortunate.”

You can listen to the song below. 

More Frank Iero news

Frank Iero appeared on Nickelodeon’s Double Dare Live to take part in a physical challenge involving quite a lot.

The challenge involved passing balloons on plungers, and Iero ended up beating two strangers.

Before the actual event started, he talked to host Marc Summers about the strange resemblance he has to one of his family members.

“Everybody used to say that you look just like my dad,” he said, adding that they’re both handsome.

Then, he faced off against his two opponents. He shared a video of his win on Instagram, and you can hear his three children cheering him on from the stands.

“Sometimes you have to wait 30 years but your dream finally comes true ….and you get to destroy two young strangers on a Double Dare physical challenge in front of a live studio audience. (while your kids cheer you on!),” he wrote in the caption.

Check out the video below.

 Earlier this year, Pete Wentz made a guest appearance on Double Dare and really got slimed.

The game show originally aired from 1986 to 1993. It has been revived twice, once in 2000 and again last year with a second season airing this month.

Last week, Frank Iero had to postpone his upcoming tour in Mexico due to health concerns, but now he’s rescheduled those shows.

His band, Frank Iero and the Future Violents, were set to play Monterrey, Mexico City and Guadalajara last week, but now they’ll be coming later in the fall.

The rescheduled dates will take place September 27 through September 29 and all originally purchased tickets will be honored.

We’re glad Iero has been able to reschedule his shows and wish him a speedy recovery.

You can catch Iero and the Future Violents later this month when they kick off their East Coast tour. Check out the full list of dates below and pick up your tickets here.


05/29 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Foundry
05/30 – Baltimore, MD @ Baltimore Soundstage
05/31 – Hamden, CT @ The Ballroom At The Outer Space
06/01 – Pawtucket, RI @ The Met
06/02 – Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall
06/04 – Harrisburg, PA @ Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center
06/05 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Rex Theater
06/06 – Detroit, MI @ El Club
06/07 – Cincinnati, OH @ Bogarts
06/08 – Louisville, KY @ Mercury Ballroom
06/10 – Atlanta, GA @ Terminal West
06/11 – Birmingham, AL @ Saturn
06/13 – Tampa, FL @ The Crowbar
06/14 –  Orlando, FL @ The Social
06/15 – Jacksonville, FL @ 1904 Music Hall
06/16 – Columbia, SC @ The Senate
06/18 – Charlotte, NC @ Amos Southend
06/20 – VA Beach, VA @ eLEVATION 27
06/21 – Washington DC @ Union Stage
06/22 – New York, New York @ Rocks Off Cruise

09/27 – Guadalajara, Mexico @ C3 Stage
09/28 – Monterrey, Mexico @ Cafe Iguana
09/29 – Mexico City, Mexico @ Auditorio Blackberry

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