Frank Iero has had quite an impressive musical career. From post-hardcore act Leathermouth to emo icons My Chemical Romance, Iero’s resume boasts a number of iconic projects, albums and endeavors. His song catalog boasts an incredible number of tracks spanning across so many records that it’s hard for even the most die-hard Iero fan to keep them all straight. 

As Stomachaches by frnkiero andthe cellabration turns five, it’s time to put your Iero knowledge to the test! Can you figure out which track is from which project?

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In a recent interview with Kerrang!, Iero tugged on eartstrings and hit fans right in the feels with the answer to one particular question.

One fan asked Iero, if he could only play one song he wrote for the rest of his life, what would it be?

“‘Best Friends Forever,’ I think. It’s true, though! It’s really special to me. It’s a song that started with my daughters singing to each other, to kind of, like, make each other mad, and we turned it into something that was really great. And they were young when this all started! It’s so amazing to me.”

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Iero continues, “First off, I’m, like, amazed that I’m this lucky that I get to be their dad. It blows my mind. I get to be around them, and experience the people that they are, from day zero to however long I’ll be around. That, to me, is amazing. And I got to see the inherent weirdness—the inherent weirdness is the best part of human beings. I don’t know if you guys know that, but there’s a moment—hopefully it lasts longer than a moment—where they don’t learn to be weird from anyone else. It’s just them! It’s this pure soul strangeness.

“To see that dissipate, to see that go, is so heartbreaking. You know that eventually, they’re going to do something at school, and someone’s going to say, ‘You’re fucking weird,’ and they’re going to think, ‘Oh, shit, I should never do that again.’ But you hope that it lasts forever, because it makes the world such a brighter place. My daughter Lily built a teddy bear for this one little girl because she thought she needed a teddy bear, and I was like, ‘Who ARE you?’

“I play it at every show. Even if it’s not in the set, it’s our soundcheck. It’s my good luck charm.”