Earlier this week, The Umbrella Academy Twitter account asked fans what they wanted Number Five to be named. Many said they wanted it to be Frank after My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero due to their similarities.

Now, Iero has responded to the requests in the best way possible.

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“I would be honored! ...I would also require 15%” Iero wrote on Twitter.

His tweet is the perfect mix of flattery and business, and we can't stop laughing at it. If this actually happens, all of our dreams would have come true.

Earlier this week, Aidan Gallagher, the 15-year-old actor who plays Number Five in the series, posted a video of himself covering “Cancer” by MCR back in 2017.

The star recorded the cover while shooting the series in Toronto. You can listen to his cover below.

The Umbrella Academy is based off comics written by MCR frontman Gerard Way.

Way revealed that his favorite line from the series is actually from Gallagher’s character Number Five.

“‘What part of “the future” do you not understand? Is my favorite line in the series,” Way says in an Instagram post. “I laugh every time I hear @aidanrgallagher say it.”

Recently, Way’s show made its Netflix debut and is streaming now on Netflix. You can watch the trailer for the series below.

Way recently revealed that he wrote much of The Umbrella Academy while on the road. Additionally, he explained the wholesome concept behind the series.

The series also paid homage to the comic’s writer by including an adorable Easter egg during its first episode.

What do you think of Number Five being named after MCR's Frank Iero? Sound off in the comments!

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