Frank Iero has blessed us all with the lyrics to “Young And Doomed,” his new song with Frank Iero And The Future Violents. The song premiered on BBC Radio 1 today with Future Sounds with Annie Mac.

Iero actually posted the lyrics to his Instagram a half hour ahead of the song’s debut, so fans could read along. That said, many fans have drawn their attention to one line in particular.

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When fans first heard the song on the show, many were taken by surprise by the lyrics, “I promise that I’m not okay,” thinking that they had something to do with the My Chemical Romance’s banger, “I’m Not Okay (I Promise).” However, it looks as though they may have not been far off.

On the written page, Iero revealed that he may have been messing with all of us, as he wrote “(triggered?)” next to the line. You can check out the lyrics to the song below.

That said, the reception to the new song was obviously very good. Iero even took to Twitter to express his gratitude for the outpouring of positive feedback.

"Young And Doomed" will be available on streaming platforms tomorrow, March 21. However you can listen to the song below.

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Last night, FIATFV played their first show at a sold-out Thursday gig in New York.


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Recently, Iero revealed the other member of the Future Violents and announced that the band have officially signed to UNFD. Additionally, Iero revealed other key album details, which you can check out here.

What do you think of Iero’s new song if you heard it? Let us know in the comments below.

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